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… from Prague exist since 2003. Over the years and after some changes of band members what also changes the sound – here comes finally a very rough punk sound with female shouting… moreover the music has audible crust and hardcore influences. On the stage this brigade is angry, lively and fast…


Šroub- bass,
Kuba- guitar + vocals,
Sváťa- drums,
Roman- guitar,
Steffi- vocals


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Angry Brigade was founded at 2003. British and American hardcore, crust and anarchopunk has been influence on founding members. That set up the sound and direction of the band. From the founding members still stay bassist Šroub (ex Exekuce, Anthropoid) and guitarist Kuba (ex Nářez brouků, VPK, Riksha …). Over time, there were several other players, especially drummers: David, Bobik (ex Zelení kanibalové, Underfire, Outsiders, Gangnails etc …), Rich (ex Truth Decay, Bickles Cab …). Since 2011 drum chair has been occupied by old friend Sváťa (ex Lies and Distrust, 101 Dread, Exekuce …) At the post of second guitarist was lots of people (Luke-Goro), and many more… From the beginning Main vocal was doubled, we want like to thank you for your cooperation Yarda (ex Bez Milosti), DisStandovi and Jabčovi (ex VPK). Another change in the line-up was at 2012. Roman(Jonestown, Fear of Extinction …) has come as second guitarist.
Since 2016 Steffi (ANTIGEN) is singing in Angry Brigade. This change has had impact to the band sound, music is more punk than ever was before, punk forever!

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